Oil-measuring systems

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meflex oilmeasuring systems

Oil dipsticks and cables

oilmeasuring cables and oil dip sticks

meflex manufactures oil-dip cables and sticks that are useful for simple two-dimensional installations as well as complex three-dimensional installations. High qualities of material and build ensure that meflex products are ideal supports for cars, trucks and as well as stationary engines.





Operating range and proof of conformity

  • Zinc-plated metal parts or stainless steel
  • Tubes made of plastic or zinc-plated steel with add-on parts for easy mounting at final assembly
  • Sealing at the plastic handle with O-ring seals
  • Plastics especially suited for motor oil
  • Temperature resistance up to 140°C


  • Part number identification
  • Laser marking on sheet metals
  • Handles and measuring areas can be designed individually upon request, different colours are available.
  • To stabilize the oil measuring cables in the guide rails additional plastic parts can be moulded (this is recommended for bigger lengths)

Different lay-outs of oil dip sticks and cables

Variants Wire w/moulded measuring tip Oil dip stick Wire with pressed-on stick
  Litze mit aufgespritzter Messspitze Ölmessstab Litze mit aufgepresstem Stab
Laying Three-dimensional Two-dimensional Three-dimensional
Radii Rmin 80 mm Rmin 120 mm Rmin 100 mm
Measuring area Moulded plastic part Stamped, punched or lasered
Handle Moulded plastic part
Ideal for Big lengths (up to more than 2 m) with complex laying and big quantities Short to mid-lengths with simple laying, also for lower quantities Mid to big lengths with com-plex laying and low quantities

meflex a brand of Kuester Automotive GmbH

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