Telecontrol, Antriebsunterstützung für Dachsysteme, Betätigungen, Steuerungen, Ölmesskabel, Fernbetätigungssysteme, Fernbetätigung, Serienproduktion

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meflex Telecontrol

Your specialist for drive cables, remote control systems and oil-measuring systems 

It is our combination of personal service and competent ideas that make us unique worldwide.

We are market leaders in drive support for roof systems and mechanically flexible remote controls. But being market leader alone is not enough. It is our goal always to be a step ahead! We are convinced that we can only reach our goals through continuous progress and constant growth. That is why we optimise our completely assembled drive cables in our in-house research and development centre day in, day out.

When it comes to hydraulic systems, brake cables, vibration switches, cable car operation, transmission cables, steel/plastic end caps, push/pull cables or remote control components, meflex does not just follow trends, it sets them. Our most recent development in the field of remote controlsour mechatronics transmitter.

Our extensive know-how allows us to achieve excellent results in every sphere of competence with regard to quality, long service life and cost-effectiveness. We can provide you with expert support in all matters concerning product design in the fields of switch and operating cables, push/pull cables and drive systems.

Let our service convince you - we provide comprehensive and competent consulting, from the concept right through to serial production!





meflex a brand of Kuester Automotive GmbH

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